Hello there creative woman!

Are you looking to start a business that gives you joy? I'm here to help you create a branding and social media strategy which allows your perfect customers to find you online.

You deserve the freedom to be creative and in order to do that, you need a kickass brand and social media presence. What’s the point in having an awesome product if no one’s going to see it? I’m here to take the “ick” out of selling and putting yourself out there.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as well as blogging are powerful ways to get your product or service out there and I can show you how to use them to build a thriving business that you love.

Or are you already a successful business owner who is struggling under the day to day grind? I'm also available for virtual assisting work to make sure that you get to spend more time doing what you love. 


WHo I am

I’m Diane and have been running my own online and offline businesses since 2008. It all started with an Etsy shop that sold Barbie shoe earrings. When it comes to blogging and social media, I’m completely self-taught. I've accumulated enough knowledge about branding and social media to fill the John Rylands Library.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - I've been there since the beginning and despite the Bachelors & Masters degree in Marketing, it's been my in the field experience that's helped me fill that library.

I’m based in Manchester in the UK. I’ve moved far too many times to say where I’m originally from in a timely manner. So let's save that conversation for over a coffee! I'm a total dork, though my parents prefer to describe me as “quirky”, I am an extroverted introvert who likes to make people smile.

I love the Internet, stationery, anything with polka dots, a good old-fashioned spreadsheet, organising anything and everything, and I’m a total cat lady. Above all else, I love to help people and have been told I have the patience of a saint.




Diane has been my social media trainer for about six months now.  It's been brilliant. My blog went from being a really amateur hobby food blog to a slick professional blog and my viewing figures jumped from 500 to 5000 views per month during that period.

But it's not just blogging I've been learning about - throw anything at Diane - Google Analytics, YouTube, Instagram, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook - and she's got solutions.  And if she doesn't know the answer she'll figure it out really quickly.

Diane's been a pleasure to work with - she's enthusiastic, encouraging and lovely to be around.






Whilst I knew about all of the different social media platforms and had that basic understanding of how they worked, I didn't feel that I was using them effectively.

In my session with Diane, she showed me tips and tricks that I would otherwise never have found out about, and we focused on both practical actions and strategy.

She helped me to set up my Pinterest boards, and shared the lessons that she had learned so that I avoided common mistakes such as making the categories too broad or too narrow.

It felt like a proper luxury having the time set aside to dedicated to this area of my business which often gets overlooked.